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Project Description
The larger goal of this project is to create a full featured open source Church Management System (not to be confused with a Content Management System) using ASP.Net and C#. Surprisingly there aren't very many open source solutions for this and as far as I have found, none written using .net. I would like to build a good size community of developers that could devote some time to this project. I am still in the progress of gathering requirements. One of the goals of the project is to produce an application that is modularized and generic enough as to allow churches from any denomination to be able to use it as well as build upon it any specialized needs. If you are interested in being involved, please contact me.

Where Do We Stand
At this stage in the game, I would like to get the discussion going and begin to build some requirements and design documents so that we can hopefully get it right from the beginning. If you are at all familiar with this type of application, please provide as much feedback as you can and I will begin to put together some documetation to post to the project. The obvious basics need to be there, such as member and visitor management, finance management, staff management, reporting etc. Again, very early stages of this so I apologize for lack of info, but I really want to get the discussion moving and see if we can't get a real solid idea of what is needed.

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